CACLV Board Roster


Patricia Jackson

Vice President

Wayne Barz


Mike Gausling


David Delp


 Board Member Affiliation
 Wayne Barz Ben Franklin Technology
 Marion Berger West Ward Neighborhood Resident
 David Delp Fountain Hill
 Linda Faust  
 Mike Gausling Originate Ventures
 Lidia Gonzalez
 Mark Hartney Northampton County
 Maryann Haytmanek Northampton Community College
 Patricia Jackson Jordan Heights Neighborhood
 Patricia Johnson Lehigh University
 Frank Kane Lehigh County
 Allyson Lysaght City of Bethlehem
 Diane Martin  
 Susan Master  
 Dan McCarthy  
 Altagracia Mercado Senator Pat Browne
 Olga Negron
 Christopher Reid Seidel, Cohen, Hof & Reid, LLC
 Randy Soriano Salisbury Township
 Chuck Stehly Corporate Environments
 Olga Torres Family Answers, Inc.
 Sandra Vulcano Easton City Council
 Robin Zmoda Pen Argyl Borough


The governing body of the Corporation is the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors has supervision, control, and direction of affairs of the Corporation.

At least one-third of the Directors represent organizations designated by the Board whose membership is predominately composed of low-income persons. They are chosen in accordance with democratic selection procedures adequate to assure that they represent the low-income in the area served by CACLV. They need not be low-income themselves, but the selection procedure assures that they represent low-income persons.

One-third of the Directors are either elected public officials currently holding office or their representatives. The remainder of the Directors are private individuals.

With the exception of public sector representatives, Directors are elected by the sitting Directors of the Board.

Directors must be at least eighteen (18) years of age and residents of Lehigh or Northampton counties. Each Director selected to represent a specific geographic area within the community must reside or be employed in the area that he/she represents.

Elected public officials (or their representatives) may serve as long as they continue to hold office. The usual term of office for all other Directors is three (3) years.

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